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Our mission is to provide the latest in chiropractic care in an atmosphere of care and concern.

Flood Update

Due to severe flooding throughout the month of July, Shiloh Chiropractic Clinic will be undergoing significant restoration and construction over the next several months. While this work is being done, however, it will remain business as usual for chiropractic care. Restoration crews will be parked along the south retaining wall of the Shiloh parking lot to remove contents. Parking will be limited during that time, but street parking is still available. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes.

Clinic Values

Shiloh Clinic will always endeavor to put patients first, recognizing the interplay of mind, body and spiritual health. Our care will be guided by compassion, respect, integrity and professionalism. 

Patients’ Charter of Rights

Shiloh Clinic subscribes to the ACAC Charter: 


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